Butter Royale – Apple Arcade Game Review

“E. Quick! Grab your brother. He’s aiming the ketchup at Mom!” – It happened again. Last week E, my youngest, took a couple problematic cues from Hogwash (motions sadly to dirt stains on favourite t-shirt). You’ll recall he got so deep in character that he ran around the house refusing baths, which got me thinking. Maybe I should try something less violent. Butter Royale turned out to be the perfect game for the job. It’s just spicy enough to be exciting for all ages but not too much to trouble my two cadets (or “inspire” them to break my stuff). Little did I know it would also teach them how to aim condiments.

Hello everyone! Welcome back, and this week we’re talking Butter Royale, a kid-friendly battle royale game that you can enjoy with your action-hungry six-year-olds. So, without further ado, let the food fight begin!

What is Butter Royale?

Butter Royale is unique in how it portrays traditional battle-royale combat. The theme behind battle royale games is survival of the fittest: there can be only one victor or winning team, and no prizes for guessing how that happens. This often means too much violence for parents’ liking. However, Butter Royale does an excellent job of smoothing down the action’s sharper edges to deliver a nonviolent but no less fun-filled and cheeky gaming experience at your fingertips.

The game is set in the future, where all kinds of deadly weapons are banned. So how do people vent their frustrations? On the Butterfield, of course! The arena is a large multi-region map in the Fortnite mould where 32 players duke it to find who’s the saltiest of them all (spoiler: it’s me).

To keep things light, the game’s creators decided to make their weapons out of food. Weapons like the Mayonator 3000, Snipermesan, and the French Bread launcher are fun to behold and even funnier when you’re firing them. Oh, and the force that pushes the player towards the middle of the map is a wall of butter. If you get caught in it, worst-case scenario you start to roll in place on the ground and are eliminated. No dark dramatic deaths, just a little food-flecked tantrum (and I’m no stranger to those in this house).

Butter Royale: Gameplay Review

1. Gameplay and Game Modes

Players can get their fill of action across three game modes: AI, where you play against random NPCs; Solo, where you’re on your own against 32 other players; and Squads, where you play in teams of four.

Although there’s no voice chat, you can invite other players to join your squad by sharing your Squad Code. My proudest moment was when all four of us (me, E, M, and Mommy R) formed the ultimate four-strong family unit and played together as a team! Thinking about it still brings a big goofy smile to my face.

Unlike most games in the genre, you don’t jump out of a plane or flying bus. Players choose their spawn locations in the match lobby and start playing right away. The matches are capped at 32 players, and they’re never more than a few minutes long. The first wave of butter closes in after 40 seconds, and it only gets faster from there.

The goal is the same as in any battle royale title: wipe all other players off the map. There’s a tutorial that launches with the game and explains the basic movement and shooting mechanics. However, it doesn’t take you through using the game’s extra power-ups or show you how to revive your fallen squadmates who’ve been knocked down in battle.

2. Fun and Enjoyability

Matches in Butter Royale are fast-paced and end in an exciting final flurry of activity. The character animations and VFX are rich yet cartoonish, kind of like Pixar’s CGI – perfect for a family to enjoy together. Every mechanic is catered to the chaotic tastes of young players. There isn’t any voice or text chat, keeping your kids from coming into contact with any toxic or dangerous behaviour. You simply start rolling when you get “creamed”, no death or faint imagery. Also, the shooting sounds are hilariously squelchy and come with cool firing animations unique to their weapons (or “NOMs”, in BR parlance – the game’s FULL of puns).

Personally, I enjoy playing CoD: Warzone in my spare time. I got Butter Royale for my kids so they too could experience the thrill of a battle royale in a nonviolent new context. However, I never pictured myself or my wife playing and enjoying the game long after they’re tucked up in bed! It’s a load of fun no matter your age or level of gaming experience, and I’m glad I chose it this week.

3. Controls

Although its on-screen controls are challenging for kids, when paired with a controller the game becomes as smooth a couch-combat experience as you could hope for. Most battle royales are from a ground-level third-person or first-person perspective; Butter Royale, however, is a top-down shooter, which can makevaiming frustrating. Positioning is vital if you want to win 1v1 encounters since keeping your shots accurate, especially in the heat of the moment, can be a doozy. I’d advise hooking up a controller to make things dramatically easier across the board.

Picking up items and reviving squadmates require you to stand near them long enough to fill a circular progress bar. It’s a simple enough approach and intuitive for five-year-olds, but it also means you miss out on quick and substantial item pickups if you find a few scattered in one place.

4. UI/UX and Game Design

My kids loved Butter Royale. They loved the characters, the guns, the molten butter, the rolling, everything. Mighty Bear Games nailed the overall design. The UI is intuitive and straightforward. You can quickly select between three game modes and start playing right away. Still, I would have preferred a more detailed tutorial explaining how to pick up items and de-cream your friends.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention the most important person in the game, Cesar Salads! According to legend, Cesar was a TV salesman before being shipped off by Butter Co. to become the host and commentator of the culinary contest. Butter Royale wouldn’t be the same without his corny jokes and food puns. (My favourite? “Please, romaine calm!”) 

Final Verdict


  • Easy-to-understand gameplay.
  • Short match times.
  • A light and non-violent approach to an otherwise violent genre.
  • Funny and entertaining.


  • On-screen controls make it challenging to navigate your character.
  • Lack of a detailed tutorial.
  • Long interaction time with items and squadmates.

Butter Royale has lots of hidden potential. It’s one of the only shooter games that have successfully recreated the battle royale genre in a kid-friendly way. I suggest you give it a try if you want to spend an action-packed weekend with your family. (Just make sure there’s something in the fridge – you’re gonna get hungry!)

If you enjoy my recommendations, feel free to leave a comment below sharing your favorite in-game moments. Until next time, and Happy Gaming!

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