Apple Arcade’s Best Shooter Games For Kids

Lately it seems the universe is making developers more aware that kids and shooter games aren’t typically a good combo. Happy to report that there are now more non-violent shooters out there that are safe for my kids. So here’s our list of the best shooter games for kids on Apple Arcade.

Talking to kids about shooter games

Shooter games bring out a different side of M, who gets more hyped and animated. Her competitive personality reaaaaally comes through, which is kind of funny to watch. That said we’ve had to have conversations with her on how she can be competitive without being an ass.

My wife R and I still try to pay attention to what exactly is in those ‘non-violent’ games and educate M and E to compartmentalize real life from games, so that the “shooting” in games doesn’t get played out in real life.

Best Shooter Games on Apple Arcade (in no particular order)

Anyway, if you’re looking for something new to try over Halloween and beyond, here’s a list of the best shooter games on Apple Arcade.

1. Butter Royale– Battle Royale Game on Apple Arcade

Butter known as the family-friendly version of Fortnite (LOL, geddit?), this food-inspired and punny multiplayer battle royale involves playing against 31 other players.The food fights are fast paced and you’ll need to knock out opponents with Nutritionally Operated Machines (NOMs) such as Breadzooka, and the latest Hot Sauce Squirty! The goal is to be the last one standing, while avoiding the floods of hot butter that forces the area of play to shrink.

Butter Royale became an instant hit with the whole family after we discovered how fun it was to co-op in the squad mode and the game also made it onto our list of best multi-player games for kids on Apple Arcade.

The ever-expanding range of NOMs and new skins and melees make the game fun to return to. They’ve also recently introduced time limited events like duos, which keeps things fresh and means the kids and I can co-op (as a pair vs a squad of 4), even if R isn’t in the mood to play.

Duos Game Event Mode on Butter Royale
Source: Mighty Bear Games

M is a pro with the movement and shooting controls and plays independently on her own. On the other hand, our 4-year-old E still relies on me to control the movement while he does the tap-to-shoot.

Personally? The Durian Launcher is my jam. Good range and deals damage over time, especially if you time and aim your shots right.

2. Exit The Gungeon – Dungeon Climber Shooter

A spin-off from Enter the Gungeon, Exit The Gungeon (gotta love the continuity there) is a fast-paced dungeon climber, arcade-style, and is chock full of action. The game follows the adventures of “Gungeoneers” who need to escape by taking an elevator up a shaft, battling waves of enemies and bosses, and stopping at an occasional trap-filled room.

It took me some time to explain gameplay mechanics to M and for her to get the hang of it.

E, on the other hand, is highly amused by the chaotic mess and is very proud of himself for shooting all the enemies down. (Shh! Don’t tell him that the auto-shooting is doing most of the work).

I highly recommend connecting a controller for that twin-stick shooter experience. IMO, this game’s touch control just doesn’t quite do it for me.

I think I’m the bigger Gungeon fan but I’m hopeful M and E will grow to enjoy this manic game.

Exit The Gungeon is now available on PC and Switch too!

3. Spidersaurs – Cartoon-Style Run and Gun Shooter Game

Spidersaurs is a Contra-like, 2D shooter game. You play as one of the two playable characters: punk-rocker Victoria or officer-in-training / part-time pizza delivery guy Adrian. You fight against eight-legged dinosaurs which have escaped from the INGESTCorp facility. This side scroller’s art style channels classic action cartoons, cool weapons like spread guns and flamethrowers, and intense Spidersaur bosses.

I know reviews out there for this game seem pretty mixed but I had to include this in the list. We had so much fun playing co-op on our Apple TV, and it made me nostalgic for my Saturday morning cartoon time. M also got really into fighting the next-level cool Spidersaur bosses.

5. Explottens – Best Bullet Hell Twin-stick Shoot ‘Em Up Arcade Shooter Game on Apple Arcade

This twin-stick arcade game follows Pilot K.I.T, a cat on a mission to save the land of Catmandu from the evil kitties of KLAW. There are 30 missions to complete, with 10 boss encounters, sidekicks to assist in battle, and powerful weapon upgrades.

M and E were in love with the graphics. The touch screen controls work pretty well and they went full-on trigger-happy during the game. It definitely helped that the early missions were on the short side and fairly easy to clear. The later stages got increasingly difficult, but the kids were always happy to go back to old missions to grind for more gold to buy weapon upgrades.

While I wouldn’t call myself a cat person, this game of kittens with pilot-leather-jacket-aviator swagger surprisingly sat well with me. I enjoyed the storyline as much as the kids did.

It’s also coming soon to Steam.

Honorary Mention: Star Fetched

Star Fetched lets you play the character of Phys Randall, a young space-adventurer who is mysteriously transported to a far-away solar system. The goal is to gather resources to build a ship, explore other planets, upgrade weapons, and battle big alien bosses to defend against an incoming alien invasion.

Not really one that we keep coming back to. The controls are a bit fiddly, although they’ve made some efforts to improve it, changing the swipe to jump to a button instead. I did however appreciate the wonderful illustrations and art style. The (slow) shooting speed allowed E to “pew pew the aliens” when he wasn’t as co-ordinated as he is today.

Are there other awesome shooter games that I left out? Help a dad out – leave a comment and suggest titles for us to play!

BTW have you read my guide on how to use Parental Controls and set an age restriction for Apple Arcade?

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