About Us

TL;DR Game reviews from one tired gamer parent to another. Why Apple Arcade? It’s just easier. No ads, no accidental purchases on my credit card.

Hi, I’m Jon. Husband, gamer, dad to M (aged 8) and E (aged 4).

They’re not great at writing (yet) but great at making their opinions on games known.

I used to game a fair bit but now now I spend a lot of my time adulting, navigating WFH, home-schooling, being dad and husband to my better half R.

I still take my responsibilities as Head of Games in the household very seriously though. They include:

  • Game Sourcing: for me to play alone and for the kids to play with me
  • Tech Support: for various gaming devices like the iPhone and the iPad
  • Events: organizing and moderating game tournaments for the family
  • Game Reviews: based on the expert opinions of myself, M &E

No affiliation to the real Apple Arcade.

Email: bestapplearcadegames@gmail.com