5 Best Apple Arcade Games That Support Wireless Controllers

Weekends are an absolute joy to look forward to because I get extended gaming sessions with my kids. Plus, instead of fiddling with inputs and A/V channels to boot up a whole new piece of hardware, we just jump right in using the Apple devices we already have running around the house. Best of all, though, due to Apple Arcade’s compatibility with wireless controllers across all our machines we never sacrifice the hands-on practicality of console gaming.

If you’re a regular on this site, you should know by now that we’re a family of Apple fanatics. Well, at least I am, and I don’t hear the kids or Mommy R complaining about our current set-up.

For the newbies, here’s our typical set-up during family gaming time. We play on the Apple TV where I usually share my SteelSeries Nimbus+ controller with E (he taps to shoot while I control the movement) and M co-ops on our family iPad. If R’s in the mood, she joins in with her iPhone or connects our PS4’s DualShock 4 Wireless Controller.

Play These Apple Arcade Games With Your Favorite Xbox, PlayStation or Mfi Wireless Controllers!

While all Apple Arcade games are optimized to be played on an Apple device without a controller, certain games are better navigated with wireless controllers for a more comfortable or intuitive experience.

So, if you’re looking to elevate your gaming experience, here’s a list of our favorite Apple Arcade games with controller support! These games are in no particular order.

1. Marble Knights – Best Multiplayer Fantasy Adventure Game for Wireless Controllers

In Marble Knights, you play as a Knight of the Round on a quest to save the Kingdom of Roundingham. Wielding your blade as well as various orb-based powers, you and up to three friends can join forces against the evil Lord Terroboll,

Marble Knights – Best Multiplayer Fantasy Adventure Game on Apple Arcade

The game’s vibrant, colorful aesthetic along with its smooth animation made fast fans of M and E. Although the age rating of Marble Knights is 9+ and there’s a focus on combat during the adventures, I’m okay with letting the kids play because there is no blood or gore: enemies simply vanish into a puff of smoke when defeated.

While the controls are straightforward, there’s always the risk of an errant finger-slip sending your character flying off the map. Hence, I’d highly recommend playing this game with a controller. Ultimately, it helps minimize mistakes and provides an overall stabler gaming experience than the touch-screen controls.

2. Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm – Best Action-Adventure Role-Playing Game for Wireless Controllers

Oceanhorn 2 takes you on a magical journey across Gaia, a vast world brimming with mythology and lore. You’ll do battle with Warlock Mesmeroth’s technologically-enhanced Dark Army and solve some fiendishly clever puzzles along the way.

Oceanhorn 2 – Best Action-Adventure Role-Playing Game on Apple Arcade

The main highlights of Oceanhorn 2 for us were its beautiful, handcrafted graphics. All of us were blown away time and again by what were some really breathtaking visuals. Plus, paired with the Golden Edition’s visual enhancements and improved animations, the graphics came bursting to life when we ran it on the Apple TV at 60 FPS.

Between boss fights that frequently test your reflexes and many winding dungeons to comb for treasures, on the whole I feel it’s best to tackle this game using a controller to really get the most out of the gameplay.

3. LEGO® Brawls – Best Multiplayer Platform-fighting Game for Wireless Controllers

A fast-paced 4v4 multiplayer brawler set in the LEGO® universe, LEGO® Brawls is pure pick-up-and-play action. In other words, it wastes no time letting you create and customize your own characters, team up with friends, and battle it out across a range of iconic LEGO® settings to become the ultimate block-knocker(-offer)!

LEGO® Brawls – Best Multiplayer Platform-fighting Game on Apple Arcade

The charm of the LEGO® universe is undeniable. Take it from a household half-buried in playsets, with M and E surfacing only to play this game! Despite an age rating of 9+, I’m happy to let them play under my supervision. For example, I can host a local session and there won’t be any chatting with strangers. It’s also great that even though Brawls is wholly combat-based, the violence is always cartoonish and inoffensive.

M struggled a bit initially with the touchscreen controls on the iPad, getting the gist just in time for bed. Thankfully, our next session was more of a success after hooking up my SteelSeries Nimbus+ Controller for better handling. In this case, I definitely recommend using a controller for LEGO® Brawls to maximise the fun for your little(r) ones!

4. Shinsekai: Into the Depths – Best Undersea Discovery Adventure Game for Wireless Controllers

Shinsekai: Into the Depths is a fresh and original undersea exploration game, filled with unique visual and auditory experiences. You play the game as a lone aquanaut – basically, the sole surviving human forced underwater by a cataclysmic frost. You’ll traverse a sprawling aquatic worldmap, scrounge for items and gear to open up new avenues of exploration, and even take down a few spine-tingling sea creatures.

Shinsekai: Into the Depths – Best Undersea Discovery Adventure Game on Apple Arcade

Since the game started off without much context, I had to be the storyteller and explain what was going on to M and E. To be honest, the kids mostly just watched me play and I get why they weren’t as intrigued – the at times quite involved storyline is probably aimed at young adult audiences and older.

Even for me, the controls for Shinsekai felt advanced and complex in a way that very few Apple Arcade titles are. However, the original premise and pretty expert world-building made this game one that I kept going back to myself. (I needed answers!) Once again, my SteelSeries came in handy here, and if you’re willing to let the game test you a little I’d definitely recommend spending some controller-equipped sessions getting into it.

5. Manifold Garden – Best Puzzle Game for Wireless Controllers

Manifold Garden strands you in a dizzying Escheresque world where the laws of physics aren’t too crazy about applying. Therefore, you’ll need to manipulate the world’s unique forces to gain new perspectives and solve mind-bending puzzles to restore a barren world to its former lushness.

Manifold Garden – Best 3D Exploration Puzzle Game on Apple Arcade

This game gave me major ‘Inception’ vibes right from the start, and since I could at least control how this one ended, I had to see it through! Unfortunately, M lost interest in the game quite quickly due to the lack of easy-to-follow action. Nonetheless, the ever-intrepid E and I pressed on as we experimented with the controls, learning to scale the walls and open new planes to explore.

Granted, Manifold Garden is a little disorienting at the start, but with a little application and a controller to keep your movements fluid you’ll soon discover the beauty behind the blocks.

Guide to Apple Arcade: How To Connect A Wireless Game Controller To Your Apple Device

We already own the DualShock 4 Wireless Controller since one came with our PS4, but after doing some research on the best game controller for Apple devices I took the plunge and purchased the SteelSeries Nimbus+ controller as my main Apple Arcade gaming controller.

Here’s why I’m sold: not only is the SteelSeries Nimbus+ designed specifically for iOS, tvOS and macOS, it also sports an ergonomic design I was able to pick up right away. I’m also impressed with the 50-hour battery life of the Nimbus+, which not even M and E can run down over the course of the day (despite their best efforts). However, if I really had to find a fault with this controller, it would be that the iPhone mount it comes with doesn’t work too well for portrait games. (Even then, we’re not hugely affected since we usually play on the Apple TV).

Of course, if you already own a wireless game controller, you can just check here to see if it is supported by Apple Arcade.

Here’s how you can connect compatible wireless controllers to your Apple device:

On Apple TV

Step 1: Open Settings and select Remotes and Devices

Step 2: Select Bluetooth

Step 3: Put controller in pairing mode

Step 4: Select controller from device list

Step 5: Game on!

On iPad or iPhone

Step 1: Open Settings
Step 2: Select Bluetooth
Step 3: Put controller in pairing mode
Step 4: Select controller from device list
Step 5: Game on!

Video: How to play Apple Arcade games with a controller – Apple Support

If you own a PS4 like we do, you’ll be happy to know that DualShock 4 wireless controllers pair seamlessly with Apple TV, iPad, and iPhone. Follow the above steps to try it out for yourself or check out the video below. (Thanks, Apple Support!)

Video: How to pair a DUALSHOCK 4 Wireless Controller with Apple TV, iPad or iPhone – Apple Support

Own an Xbox instead? Don’t worry – Apple Arcade has got your Xbox covered as well.

Video: How to pair an Xbox Wireless Controller to your Apple TV, iPad or iPhone – Apple Support

Are there other games that you or your family enjoy playing on your wireless controllers? Help a Dad out – leave a comment and suggest titles for us to play!

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